Why I Love Professional At Home Jobs!

Have you ever wanted to work from home and had a fear that it would never work out for you? I have wanted to work from home for several years but was hesitant. I wasn’t for sure where to start and how to find out where to start. But when life changes you must find a way to work from home. No matter how hard it was, or how many times you fail. Well, I had failed many times, but you must get back up and keep going for your passion.

The day my daughter and son-in-law had their second child, changed our lives forever. She had a preemie, he was 27 weeks and was 2lbs 6 oz.  They had to airlift him to Lubbock and from that day our lives changed dramatically. My Grandson stayed in NICU for 3 months. He came home with tubes, medicine, and monitors. Everyone had to help. Even my oldest Grandson helped and is proud of his little brother. We had to take shifts watching his monitors, administering medications and feeding changing his diaper, and sleeping when we could.  Also, we would take big brother to daycare and pick him up. It took all three of us to help each other every day. The need for me to work at home was becoming more apparent.

I was working a “regular job” when he was born. Confused and lost about how life just hit us, I still had to go to work. After realizing my daughter and son-in-law needed all the help they could get, I had finally worked up the courage to call my boss. I, of course, explained the course of the events that just took the play and informed them I would not be back for a while, when in fact, I wasn’t even sure how long. They certainly wanted me back as soon as possible, you, preferably the next day. If not, there were consequences, they were to go let me go. I immediately found another job that allowed me to work and help my NICU grandson.

Being so stressed about my work and not understanding, they were awesome. But I had to drive out of town and one day I had gotten into a wreck, a deer ran out in front of me and I totaled my car and ended up with a concussion for two months. I was instructed by the doctors I was not able to work for a week, but I couldn’t do that. I had to work. I was not listening to the doctors and worrying about driving on the road and being in another wreck. I had decided then, that things had to change.

All this time, I had been studying for my Life Insurance License, passed and then I decided to work from home selling Life Insurance. My daughter and son-in-law also passed their Life Insurance Test.  The company we worked for allowed me to help but, at that time, make a good income. I thought I had finally found something I could stay at and make good money.

I started working for this company and when I sold policies for a year, we had noticed that when they would invite us on trips and things, they would always tell us we needed a nanny to keep the kids. There were no kids allowed on any of the trips. Adults only. We were like, well we have a Special Needs Child, there is no way we are leaving these three boys’ home with a nanny or babysitter or whoever we were supposed to leave them with. We were not happy with this.

I kept having chargebacks because people would cancel their policies. When I had chargebacks and I kept having to pay back and I wasn’t making anything. I suddenly ended up broke. So, I tried another company. This job was working from home and I sold Life Insurance Online. I had only been there no longer than 8 months and I was not making any money. The money I made went into fees and chargebacks also. When I did sell it would take me 4 months to get paid. Same thing…. I was beaten down and tired. I thought about getting a full-time job NOT from home. But I had already had the mindset of not having a boss. I was used to working from home and having my own schedule.

 I am still used to working from home even though I have been very hesitant. I have been scammed for over $2750.00. I was scammed, and I had to file a police report, it ruined my bank account and my credit because of people that are not honest. Then someone else tried to scam me for about 8,000. But this time, I refused to work for them.

Since then, I have had my three nieces have moved in with me. I am unable to leave them at home alone and my need to work from home is even more important. I am unable to afford daycare for all three of them. Even though I have had a hard time finding work from home, I have kept pushing until I have found a good work-from-home job. With all the children together, we have six. Three girls and my three Grandsons. We have our hands full but wouldn’t change it for the world. The perks of working from home. Family time is something you cannot get back once it is gone.

I had been looking at Professional At Home Jobs for months, I had even called and visited with the staff several times. It had taken me quite some time to sign up with them. But I have been working from home with Professional At Home Jobs as Email Marketing Specialist and I really enjoy it.  The staff members are very nice and very helpful. They do keep me busy but understand when I need to rearrange my schedule for the daily happenings in my life. I work hard and know that I can support myself and my family without having to leave the house. I can help with my Grandchildren and take my work with me if we are to be back in the hospital or have an event to go to.

I am thankful for finding a good work-from-home job. So, if you are thinking about working from home, please do your research thoroughly and make sure the company is legitimate. Please do not get scammed, if it is too good to be true then it is.


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