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If you are tired of searching for the perfect transcription job, then look no further than Professional At Home Jobs! Professional At Home Jobs has access to several hundreds of pre-screened medical, legal and general work-at-home job opportunities in our remote job board portal.

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To get connected to our employers that are presently hiring 1099 remote transcriptionists in the U.S., then you will need to click on Lifetime Membership Application and reference agent ID code PAHJHR on your registration sign-up application.  

Please select option #2 for the Transcription Work At Home Job Bank Portal to get connected with employers that are ready to hire you based on your work history and/or experience.  

Member services include the following: The ability to browse medical, legal, and general remote job openings, and apply directly to the hiring employers. Most of all, find genuine jobs to work from the comfort of your own home.  

Salary ranges: $15.00 – $60.00/hr.

Remote Job Categories:

Medical, Legal & General Transcriptionist remote jobs

Please Note: After you join or register online, please call our HR Manager Victoria at (405) 633-0449, to verify that she received your agent registration application to get started. 

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