Ray LePera

Potential For A Great Working Relationship
Potential For A Great Working Relationship
  • Venice, FL
  • August 9, 2022


              My broad based experience extends beyond food service, residential construction, and health care. I have performed with a sense of urgency in a variety of roles, including, project manager, producing with great attention to detail in roles that also included many administrative and clerical tasks and duties.

     I also have skills to adapt to new methods, procedures, and environments and have always done so. As well as an eagerness to gain new experience, staff support, and cost cutting proactivity is a constant tendency. My employee reviews have stated excellent diligence, reliability, and attendance as well as good record keeping, organizational, and multi tasking skills.

    I am confident that my skills are well-suited to benefit your company and am very interested in the opening you wish to fill Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you.



                    Ray LePera

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