Besima Osmicevic

Specialize in providing legal service process, and office legal administrative assistance
Specialize in providing legal service process, and office legal administrative assistance
  • Waterloo, IA
  • August 13, 2023

Specialize in providing legal service process, and office legal administrative assistance using strong organizational, technical, communication, and

customer service skills. Professional administrative legal service assistant with advanced knowledge of records management, and team management.

Proven track record of updating offices and increasing overall productivity. Experienced in scheduling and coordinating teams and meetings,

managing travel and expense reports, and transcribing minutes. Capable of handling all administrative multi-tasks. Ability to work independently or

in a team environment with a self-motivated work ethic. Friendly and dependable team player with good problem-solving skills, sound judgment, and

strong critical-thinking skills. Excellent multitasking, organizational, and prioritization skills. Professional Administrative Supporter with experience

in all aspects of office management, including file and document management, inventory allocation, and technical training. Writing reports and

business correspondence, managing mail, and updating tracking spreadsheets. Offering 10-plus years of experience in administrative legal and civil

process services in the investigative and legal fields, and 3-plus years of experience in Registered Agent, Compliance, Audits Services, Legal

Administrative Assistant, and office team management.

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No @ Penn Foster College
Aug 2005 — Oct 2006

Completed 1 Semester, 14 College Credits: Criminal Justice

High School Diploma @ Penn Foster High School
Mar 2003 — Nov 2004

General High School


Registered Agent, Compliance & Audits / Legal Services Intake Document Coordinator @ Atlas Legal & Process Service
Dec 2022 — Current

Successfully serve as the designated registered agent for legal service and process organization, receiving and managing all important legal
documents, official correspondence, and service of process on behalf of the business entity.
Proactively accepted official mail, service of process, and legal document notifications, ensuring swift response in the event of a lawsuit to avoid
missed deadlines, fines, and penalties for non-compliance. Expertly manage paperwork details and facilitated efficient handling of compliance-related
matters, contributing to the company's adherence to state requirements.
Streamlined budgeting and resource allocation to maintain compliance with state regulations, providing crucial support for annual reports, tax filings,
and other compliance-related documentation. Maintaining meticulous organization and up-to-date records of all legal documents and correspondence.
Conducted research and analysis of legal information and documents to support lawyers in their cases, including the examination of case law and
statutes. Proficiently gathered all necessary documents, statements, and evidence for legal proceedings.
Skillfully managing office teams, fostering a cohesive work environment that facilitated improved efficiency and overall effectiveness.
Planned and executed successful events while ensuring smooth coordination of meetings to support seamless business operations.
Implemented strategic planning and departmental workflow management to drive continuous improvements in team performance.
Conducting comprehensive employee performance reviews, and providing valuable feedback for professional growth and development.

Office Manager, Legal Intake Document Coordinator, Registered Agent @ HubCity Clock & Watch Office
Oct 2021 — Dec 2022

Office Manager / Team Leader with expertise in Legal Intake Document Coordination and Registered Agent legal services, complemented by
experience in conducting internal audits. Adept at providing top-notch office management and fostering effective communication between employees
and the public. Skilled in interviewing, training, and mentoring new candidates to ensure a highly efficient workforce. Proficient in supervising teams
and overseeing office supplies, equipment, and systems to optimize productivity. Exceptional in planning and organizing meetings, appointments, and
conferences. Proactively addressing customer and client queries and complaints to maintain high levels of satisfaction. Diligently maintaining
employee records, tracking work hours, benefits, and attendance for accurate HR management. Experienced in operating within budget constraints to
meet organizational goals. Accomplished in preparing various communication types, including memos, emails, invoices, reports, and other
correspondence. Adept at writing and editing documents ranging from letters to comprehensive reports and instructional materials. Highly skilled in
creating and managing both electronic and physical filing systems for streamlined data retrieval. Proficient in managing accounts and performing
bookkeeping duties. Proven track record of efficiently handling and managing collection accounts, updating files, generating invoices and statements,
and ensuring timely communication with clients.

Clinical Care Navigator/Coordinator - Remote @ United Health Group
Nov 2020 — Oct 2021

Assisted members with social determinants of health and linked them to appropriate community resources. Maintained confidential health information
according to state and federal
regulations.Utilized Microsoft Word to edit, create and save confidential documents.Identified gaps in care and assisted in the closure of gaps.
Establishing programs to help mentor new employees and understands what the organization expects from them, how they can achieve expectations,
and networking with the larger audience within the organization. Organize training, introduction, orientation, and onboarding events to meet and greet
mentees. Perform reviews and refer severe cases of complications to management. Identified issues, analyzed information, and provided solutions to
Used coordination and planning skills to achieve results according to schedule. Learned new skills and applied them to daily tasks to improve
efficiency and productivity.

Legal Service Process @ HSPS Legal Services
Mar 2014 — Jul 2023

As an Administrative Professional specializing in the investigative and legal fields, I offer a comprehensive range of services to lawyers, law firms,
businesses, and individuals. My expertise includes efficient Data Entry, Skip Tracing, Service of Process, E-Filing, and Courthouse document
In the realm of legal process cases, I adeptly serve legal documents to involved parties and businesses, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. To
support my clients further, I conduct thorough investigations and skip-tracing activities to provide valuable additional information, such as updated
addresses, employment locations, and telephone numbers.
To facilitate the process, I receive papers for service from attorneys, court clerks, and magistrates, and I meticulously locate individuals who need to
be served with legal documents. I maintain precise delivery records, adhering to all relevant rules and regulations.
My commitment to collaboration extends to working seamlessly with legal professionals to ensure smooth operations and optimal outcomes. As part
of my services, I record the time and place of delivery, providing tangible evidence of the successful service of legal papers. To reinforce the process,
I furnish clients with comprehensive proof of service in the form of a well-drafted affidavit.

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